Barbecue, The Right Way!

Best Father's Day Gift! Barbecue cooking wood!Long before we had commercial charcoal, barbecue was done on a real wood fire, letting the natural smoky flavor of the wood add to the flavor of your food.

I myself was a charcoal guy and for the longest time I thought I was “King” of cooking on a Weber grill. Purely by coincidence that changed when I started a commercial firewood business in rural California. My original business plans were strictly for home heat and camping customers.

I was selling almond wood from regional orchards, and a few local restaurants approached me regarding supplying them with almond cooking wood for special barbecue events. Of course I was glad to help them, and learned a lot about the sizes and shapes that worked best for large open pit grills, but I also began too experiment on my own and study the art of cooking with real wood.

I have tried many species from the orchards to see what flavors they added to my food, and even oak from the local forest or mesquite from the desert region.  I learned how to use wood on a kettle style grill, and even developed a technique to obtain smoky wood flavor on a gas grill.

Each species of wood has it’s own flavor characteristics, and can transform the same old meal into an out of this world meal. In my experience, the fuel you use to cook your meal is as important to the flavor as the spices or sauce.

I have since sold the home heat portion of my firewood business, and I am making a vocation of educating casual barbecue cooks about the wonders of using wood for cooking, and providing  them with access to this necessary ingredient for any cookout!

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